How to Hang Decorative Wall Mirrors

One way to add an elegant and distinctive touch of personality to any room in your home is to add a decorative wall mirror. These reflective works of art will express your personal creative good taste to the room in which they hang. With a plethora of styles, shapes and sizes, there is a good chance that you will find one to match the decor of any room in your home.After you have explored all the styles, shapes and sizes and you have made your final decision, you want to be sure that when you mount your mirror that the mounting is done correctly. You want to be sure that you have done your homework and will have your mirror mounted safely on the wall. You don’t want to walk into the room and find your wall damaged and heaven forbid, find your new mirror shattered on the floor.What you want to do is take the necessary steps, when hanging your mirror on the wall, to install this wall art correctly the first time around. When done the correct way, you will never have to worry about any accidents happening.So now you have the wall mirror of your choice. You have selected the wall to hang it on. You have also selected the exact position on the wall to hang it.The first thing you have to do is have someone hold the mirror against the wall where you want the mirror to hang, while you mark the wall with a pencil a short line somewhere near the center of each side of the mirror. Each line drawn can be as short as half an inch.Now remove the hand held mirror from the wall and place it somewhere out of the way. You should now have four lines marked on the wall representing the outside perimeters of your reflective art piece. Using a ruler, measure where the center of your left and right side pencil lines will be. Make a pencil mark on the wall where the center is.With the use of an electronic stud finder, go across the inside area that you have marked until you have an indication of where the wooden studs are located inside the wall. Once you find the studs make a pencil mark indicating where each stud is located.On the back side of your wall mirror, look for where the mirror hanger attached to the back side of the mirror is located. Measure the distance where the hanger is located from the top of the mirror. Now go to the wall you have just pencil marked. From your top pencil mark, go down the center and mark on the wall, with pencil, exactly where the hanger will be located on the wall when the mirror is hung.If your mirror has more than one hanger attached to the back side, then measure how far apart each hanger is from the center of the mirror. After you have measured the locations of the hangers, make the pencil markings on the wall where they will be located when the mirror is hung on the wall.With an electric screwdriver, screw a wall clip on to the wall using a wood screw large enough and long enough to go through the wall and deep into the wooden stud inside the wall. If only one wall clip is necessary, make sure the clip is firmly attached to the wall and hang your mirror.If your wall mirror requires two wall clips, then with a device called a level, go across the two screw hole markings you have marked on the wall and make any adjustments necessary to make sure your markings are level with each other.When you are sure that your screw hole markings are level, go ahead and screw on the two wall clips using an electric screwdriver and a wood screw large enough and long enough to go through the wall and deep into the wooden stud inside the wall. Always make sure your wall clips are securely attached to the wall before hanging your decorative wall mirror. Now hang your mirror.With the proper tools and techniques hanging a decorative wall mirror is something most anyone can do. Within a few minutes this job can be completed and the results will be a reflection of the artful creativity in you.

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