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Summer Body Fit Tips

Summer is finally here!

Hopefully you are feeling fabulous in your summer wardrobe as you take off for your summer vacations, hang pool side or grill out with friends.

But if for whatever reason, you still want to put a few tweaks on your summer body and really own the way you feel in your beach wear, check out these tips to get your summer body rocking and rolling!

With that said, remember feeling confident in your own SKIN sans summer garb is just as important!

So don’t neglect your internal parts – the spiritual and emotional, that work in concert with your external, physical being.

Summer Beach Body Confidence Building Tips:

1. Hydrate (this one is the easiest thing on the list to do)

Not only is water essential to so many functions in our bodies, detoxifying, cleansing, lubricating and supporting these functions but it also helps power our cells for much needed energy during summer workouts, sports and activities.

Double up on your water intake – especially when out in the summer heat and when you are being more active than usual.

Add lemon, cucumbers and lime slices to a large pitcher and refill your carry around jug throughout the day!

2. Focus on Core Movements

Add 10! That’s 10 minutes of core specific movements to at least 2-3 workouts a week over the next two months and see how much stronger you feel as you enjoy your fun time.

Either start or end with core OR add a core movement in between each circuit of moves you do. Mix these core movements up – don’t just do planks.

Great core movements can include: trunk rotations with tubing, medicine ball twists, TRX pikes, Swiss Ball crunches etc. Make strengthening your core a priority.

3. Visualize

Start every single work out over the next 2 months with a minute or two of visualization work.

No matter what type of workout – exercise class, strength training at the gym or even before heading out for your morning run.

Visualize the goals that you most want to see come to fruition both short term and long term over the next year.

Whether it’s a physical goal, a mental goal or spiritual goal – give it specific attention right before you enter your workout “zone”.

4. Breathe

Start to pay more attention to your breath – not only during your workouts but in everyday situations as well.

During your workouts – the most typical breathing pattern is inhale when there is less effort or resistance and exhale when you are using force or exerting effort during a movement.

Feeling more relaxed with your breathing pattern in general will make your enhance your workout results, so as they say – just let your breath flow.

And in stressful life situations use the following motto: Let it go – let it flow. The breath truly is the easiest way to get back to calm energy quickly.

5. Break A Habit

Over the next 21-28 days give up one diet pitfall that you know is keeping you from you really, truly rocking your summer body.

Maybe it’s having that midday Frappuccino – or indulging in the bread basket when out to eat or simply raiding the refrigerator every night before bed.

For the next 21-28 days STOP IT! This amount of time is touted to be the sweet spot for breaking habits.

No baby steps – just dive right in and do it. You can do anything for 28 days.

6. Mindful Digestion

Eat slower. Chew more thoroughly and take smaller bites. Just this tip alone will help in many areas – from your digestion, to your waist measurement and to your overall feeling of satiety.

The slower you eat, the less you eat. Guaranteed! Let your body’s built in hunger mechanism catch up to you.

7. Intensity Matters

If you know anything about my training philosophy and style – you have heard me say this one many times!

Do every set, every rep, and every workout like you mean it. Quality of movement over quantity — all day long!

Train like you mean it and I promise you will see a difference!

Put these 7 tips to work asap and you will be feeling more confident with every beach party and backyard barbeque you attend. Go on, rock your body – rock your bikini – rock your spirit! I dare you!